In 2013 Matt Williams was working a call center in Schaumburg, Illinois. After getting married, at twenty-two, he and his wife cut ties with the midwest, they moved to Los Angeles and he finally resumed his career behind a camera.  

Being able to juxtapose his experience in low, no, and high budget film making worlds has given him the ability to see the strength beyond cash on all sides and from that, film an entirely different way.

With these new ideas, and under the continuous impression that more cinematic education should be more readily available, he began writing the book, "It's Just As Fake As It Looks", which will be available for free download in early 2016.

He has now moved to Maui, HI, to go create again, because this life, this art, this lifestyle can be done anywhere. 

TL;DR- He is a cinematographer, podcaster, and author based anywhere he wants to be, and he would like to teach you to do the same... if you got it in ya.

(you do)